Win = 3 points
Draw = 1 point
Loss = 0 points


- If two teams are level on points, goal difference will decide who progresses
- If the two teams are still level on points, the team with the most goals scored will go through.
- If the two teams are still level, the team with the least goals conceded will go through.
- If they are still level, the head to head record will decide who progresses
- If the game was a draw then the two teams will go to a penalty shoot-out.


The tournament will advocate rules under FIFA's Fair Play system, with a number of adaptations and clarifications:

  1. Teams will have six players on the pitch (including the goal keeper), with one girl and one boy on the pitch at all times.

  2. Squads should be no larger than 10.

  3. Shin pads must be worn by all players on the field at all times.

  4. The team listed first in the programme will determine which team kicks-off first.

  5. Games will run for six and half minutes each way in the morning and 8 minutes each way in the finals.

  6. In knock-out games in the final stages of the competition, matches that end with the scores tied will go straight to penalties.

  7. In the tournament finals, matches that end with the scores tied will go to five minutes extra time. If they remain tied after extra time the game will go to penalties.

  8. There is no offside.

  9. Players may kick the ball above head height.

  10. Players may not make sliding tackles. Any attempt will result in a free kick to the opposition.

  11. The only player allowed inside the designated goal area will be the goalkeeper.

  12. Goal keepers may leave their goal area but must not handle the ball.

  13. Goal keepers may roll the ball underarm or play the ball off the floor to restart.

  14. There can be any number of substitutions made during pauses in play. Players that have already been substituted may be substituted back onto the pitch.

  15. A goal is scored when the whole ball crosses the goal line between the goal posts and under the crossbar.

  16. A goal cannot be thrown, carried or propelled by the hand or arm.

  17. After a ball has gone out of play, the opposite team will throw the ball in from the touch line underarm.

  18. Goals may be kicked direct from a free kick, but in all free kicks all opposing players shall be at least two (2) metres from the ball.

  19. Corner kicks will restart the game when a defending player kicks the ball behind the goal line.

  20. Any abusive or otherwise foul behaviour can result in players being sent to the sin bin by the referee for a period of three minutes as a yellow card offence.

  21. A player shown two yellow cards in one or more games will be obliged to sit out the next two games.