7 July 2021




In light of the pandemic, the landscape for those involved in running a household waste and recycling centre has changed somewhat from just a year ago. Drawing on best practise case studies, The National Civic Amenity Site Conference will explore the latest guidance and advice for anyone connected to managing or operating a civic amenity site. 




FCC Environment is a global leader with more than a 100 years’ experience providing environmental services in partnership with local authorities, operating over 100 contracts for 60 authorities in the UK.


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Hadfield Wood Recyclers is now Enva Wood Recycling. We still operate the first class waste wood service we always have, but with the additional benefits of being part of the one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource recovery specialists, Enva. We take all grades of non-hazardous wood waste, clean it and recycle it into more than 20 sustainable products including animal beddings, feedstock for panel board and biomass fuel.


Modulo Beton prefab split-level HWRCS introduces Q-meter, smart queue and traffic management device for HWRCS. Real-time insight in waiting times improves traffic flows, enhances COVID-19 safety, and prevents fly-tipping. Visit https://qmeter.co.uk

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